A Beginning Thought


Do you ever make a suggestion where you later find yourself questioning why the receiver of your suggestion has never followed through with that which you suggested?


Say that you are speaking with a friend, doesn’t have to be a close friend, and you suggest, “Hey, I have one of those at my house; you can borrow it if you like.”  They then reply, “Cool, that will help a lot, thanks.”


Then, nothing comes of it…


Was this a lost cause of an effect that now will never occur because no one followed through with the initial thought with an action of greater energy?


I wonder, who is supposed to follow through?


Are you the suggestor supposed to follow up with the initial suggestion, “Hi, remember the other day when I said that you could borrow that thing, yeah, well, um are you going to get that or not?”


Or is the other person the suggestee the one whom should call upon the suggestor and ask for that which was initially specified, “Hey, remember the other day when you said that I could borrow that thing, yeah, well, um can I get that now?”


Do you ever follow up? On either side of the line?


I try to, but for the most part I usually feel as though I do not want to bother another with my dealings and I keep my mouth shut.  I may have that awkward look as though I want to say something, but nothing ever surfaces from my lips.  I have pretty much been that way as long as I can remember, but things have begun to change lately, say the last year or so, that I have begun to hold people to the obligations that they set for themselves…I have set and continue to set obligations for myself and I hold myself to them so I have begun to call others into my game of straightening the strings and tightening the hatches to our souls.  We must all begin to ring in the responsibility.





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