Gluten Free is so hard!

Where will your resolution take you?

Everyone makes a new year’s resolution, hopefully anyways.  I would like to think that everyone makes some sort of promise at the beginning of the year and keeps it.  I was way too sick New Year 2011 to even think about making a statement of a resolution.  The year before that in 2010 I chose to quit smoking cigarettes which I have now been nicotine free for 2 years.

I chose this year to be gluten free and I am still struggling but have been at the least I would say successful.  See, I am a southern gal and have grown up around some of the best Barbeque in the world.

Good ole’ southern cooking is kind of hard to do without wheat, but when the universe begins to sync with my decision to get my body on the road to healthy I get that tingly excitement that comes with knowing I am connected to all and on the right path.

I do not have health insurance, so I really don’t know if I am actually gluten intolerant, but I have many symptoms of intolerance.  For one my body has begun to battle against me and I was diagnosed last year with Lupus.  Lupus is an auto-immune disease where the body’s immune system begins to fight normal tissue.  There is much debate on what causes auto-immune disorders and there are many disorders similar to Lupus that people are battling.

I have lost hair, had crazy rashes, psychotic breaks, never-ending pain and burning sensations all over my body.  All of these things have been going on for the majority of my adult life with no known cause.  For the longest the doctors have given me anti-depressants and told me it was all in my head…

So, on my path to getting healthy I figured that if the medical community didn’t really know what was going on then I would just try to figure things out.  This journey began last year when my body decided to attack my carotid arteries in my neck and I was on the verge of a stroke.  I spent many days lying on my couch waiting for my death to come.

I had to quit my full-time job, but was eventually able to continue with my college classes, which were all on line.  I truly believe that at this time the universe was telling me to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN.  I was definitely walking toward the wrong goal and this was a wakeup call.

After this event my life has definitely changed.  We don’t make as much money as we were, but my family at this time is happier than ever.

So, about the syncing; I decided to go gluten free as a process of elimination toward a healthier body.  I am still having lots of pain and discomfort even though I am taking care of myself on a spiritual level and all the signs point toward gluten intolerance.

After deciding to go gluten free, I have seen gluten free diets being talked about everywhere.  In my weekly emails that I receive from different sources, Good Morning America the other day, right when I turned on the tv was talking about gluten free foods.  Basically everywhere I look there is something about gluten free.  It is the perfect timing of these that gives me a kind of confirmation.

Everyone likes the feeling that they made the right decision, and I certainly have that feeling now about choosing to change my diet to something more in line with nature and not what corporations want me to eat.

Now, I don’t really go too much into specific syncs, because what they are to me, they most likely are not going to be to others.  This is my path and I am not on a link to finding the answers to the universe, I am just here to live a happy life, learn, and help others to learn to live happy.  I just want others to know that syncs can be very subtle and if you begin to get more concerned about the history and knowledge behind the syncs then you may just lose sight of the path you were on.

I am feeling much better now that gluten has been removed from my diet and have seen my confirmation.  I hope that things only get better from here.  Next will be a juicing fast!


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