Tesla has been hijacked? or maybe honored? I can’t tell anymore

I wake up this morning and turn the television on, which is on the History Channel and the show The Prophets of Doom is showing.  I get interested, because they are talking about things that I think about.  I try to consume less of everything, buy local, and grow much of my own food.  This to me is important unlike many other Americans.

I look up to see when this first aired to get an idea of the technology that was present and I find this blog that speaks about the show…I picked this particular one from my Google search because it is from the “Future” (the date is off).

I did not catch the beginning of the show started where James Howard Kunstler is speaking about oil consumption and alternatives.  I wondered if he even thought about or mentioned Tesla and his free energy, so I do another Google search with his name and Tesla and find Kunstler’s blog where Tesla is mentioned (Not by Kunstler but a replier).  Not actually Tesla but a company who is actually selling electric cars starting at $50,000 USDA  under Tesla’s name.  (I kind of like this Kunstler guy and will read more of his blog later).

I am very pissed, though, hence the purpose of me writing this particular post, and I rightfully should be just like many others.  They are using Tesla’s name and selling cars that only a portion of the population will even be able to afford.

I then took a look at the Executive Bios of the guys running Tesla Motors and find that one of the founding members was the founding member of PayPal and SPaceX.  This guy has gone around the world sucking up business men from different corporations.  Here is a line-up:

The manufacturing expert from Toyota, who has also worked for Volvo, Mack, and Renault,

The Mazda head of Design and Development,

The CFO from Ford Motors,

A Stanford Law School Grad who has worked as a Legislative Assistant for a Senator, and worked for Lexar and Avalanche Technology,

A guy who has served various positions for Gap and as Real Estate consultant for both Apple and Microsoft,

A CTO who also graduated from Stanford with too much to list so here is his wiki link,

The former Chief of Staff for the Bureau of Political Military Affairs at U.S. Department of State,

Former head of communications at Youtube, and before that competition and policy communications at Google, and before that Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative for Public and Media Affairs

There is more, but Telsa Motors list much of this information on their website and Googling helps to find more.

These people have brought in all these people that have great insider knowledge of some of the largest corporations in the world….what is up their sleeves?  Will all these people bring in information from their former jobs?  Will the prospects of billions make them be not so moral?  What would stop them?  Atlas Shrugged comes to mind because this is all being done under the guise of clean energy.

I am still really angry about them using Tesla’s name.  That irks me the most, but there is not much that I can do when they have untold amounts of money to just sit on these vehicles and continue to make them look like viable options.

Do people not realize that electric cars have to be charged from the energy grid which gets the majority of its energy from burning coal?  How is anyone helping out when they are switching from gasoline burning energy to coal burning energy?  This is common sense, right?  Am I missing something?  Please someone enlighten me and tell me why this is a viable alternative….I will be waiting.

The emblem for Tesla Motors looks familiar

Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower which was to transmit free energy



3 thoughts on “Tesla has been hijacked? or maybe honored? I can’t tell anymore

  1. Been following electric cars / Tesla for some time. Always amused that people don’t see the ones pushing electric cars are electricity providers…and that they are using coal to create that energy. Back to the drawing board…a lot of good technology is waiting

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