The flower that blooms…

I am excited!  I had planned on getting a post out today and after tossing and turning all night I had decided it was only going to say “I am sick and tired of hurting all the damned time!”  in all caps because I wanted to shout it from the rooftop or make it seem that way anyways.

It gets rather annoying and tiring on the psyche to be in physical pain all-the-freaking-time and no sleep made it even worse.  I am one that does not usually talk about my own problems and listen dutifully to all of my friends and never want to put anybody out.  This is how I was raised and who I am, hence the reason I have this blog so if you are reading then you have chosen to subject yourself to my ranting.  That of course is what a blog is right?

Anyways, back to my excitement.  I am happy because in spite of  the fact that I don’t feel so great  today (I don’t like to take synthetic drugs so I don’t do pain killers) I certainly have done great things.

I have actually gotten some good reading done and boy is it a good read.  Along with that I have penned more than 1500 words of writing in my novel and have more thoughts steadily coming.  Yes, yes I am one of those people who believe that my insight into the human condition will somehow effect the direction of people’s lives by writing a novel, but like my paintings it probably will not be appreciated until long after I am dead and society has turned a new leaf.

I am also exciting because I not only have little ones running about but have even been able to teach one a few spelling words (he is only 4 but so excited to learn), halted battles over Lego pieces and markers, plus managed to get a batch of cookies made!  (Sadly the cookies are full of gluten so I have had to keep myself from licking my fingers, but they do smell oh, so delicious.)

So, it just goes to show that in the midst of turmoil and distress many great and beautiful things can still spring forth.  It has reminded me of how resilient the human spirit can be, and so I wanted to share that with whoever shall pass through here.

Now some much needed quiet time.

Mother Nature is good at making them soo cute!


Peanut Butter agrees with the quiet time!


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