Chuck Norris is the reason God rested on the seventh day (yep, one of those jokes)

I have received numerous calls at my home these past few days and I just had to pause in my creative streak to collect my thoughts about something so that I can stop ruminating about it.

I have been getting these robo-calls about the voting going on in my state today (no calls today, as of yet). I am a Mississippian and I may walk around the majority of the year with no shoes on, but I am in no way unintelligent and all brute, but apparently Newt’s party believes otherwise.

I received a call yesterday from Chuck Norris letting me know that he thinks Newt could beat Obama in hand to hand combat and that I should vote for Newt.


One of the foundations of our beloved country has now been blatantly reduced to a B-rated joke.

Now, I like me some nostalgic joking of genre’s and movie stars and I admit that I am not up to par with everything Chuck,  but for the guiding forces in a campaign to think on this level sort of scares me.

Who thought of this idea?

I can imagine some college campaign intern going, “Hey, it’s the South they’re all rednecks down there, we’ll get Chuck Norris to tell them who to vote for.”

“Yeah, that’s a great idea,” bellows the others around the table and robo-Chuck ensues.

It makes me think ever more of the possibility of an Idiocracy in our near future.

I am not real sure now if I should continue to be saddened about mankind and its imminent destruction or continue to have hope and fight for a re-emergence of truer things like humanity and intrinsic morality.

I refuse to take offense as that to me is ineffectual, offensive gestures always create negative energy and we as humans are converters of energy into creative thought when you really think about it.

I guess I choose to take the lonely narrow road; the one that gets you laughed at and called hippie or crunchy or crazy (there’s a number of them); the one that makes others look at you as though you’re naive and mislead; the one path of true wisdom that can be seen if you just look.  It is lunacy, but that is at least on the outer edge blazing a path and looking back at those too preoccupied to see a better future.

I kind of like it here, so I shall stay with gratitude.

Some thought provoking sketching to lay out some ideas.

Some thought provoking sketching to lay out some ideas.


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