Change is not easy to come by; Balance is even harder.


Some say there is this evil cabal out there that is looking to kill millions of people and rule the world…

Well, my belief is that this cabal is actually a mentality and not a group of rich men.

Large corporations have the mentality that they must increase profits.  That is what they do.  Their mentality is if people want to keep using our products even though some studies show that they are harmful, then that is their problem and not ours.  We offer the products and it is their responsibility to their family to take it or leave it…

Sadly most people just take it because their mentality is these things make me look good.

People no longer care about being good just as long as they look good.

The mentality that humans can just continue to do what they want and have no remorse for the decisions of others is what will bring death to millions of people.

The mentality that we have infinite resources to continue to grow our economies and yearly paycheck is what will bring false hope to millions of people who will lose their income and have no way to provide food for their children when the resources run out.

The mentality that we are not from this world and can desecrate this planet because we will be saved and taken to some beautiful place with larger houses and streets of gold will kill millions of people when that resurrection never takes place.

The mentality that people who go to work every day to pay for larger houses, newer cars, better electronics, and more clothes will kill millions of people when those resources dry up and there is no replacement for that rundown car or broken phone let alone food or clean water.

The mentality that happiness comes from material gains and not from looking out for others or helping those closest to you will continue to degrade our populations into zombies who only look at the world through their perspective and never give heed to past failures.

Most people don’t realize that when oil runs out it doesn’t mean that we just need to find alternative fuel for our cars and to light our houses.

It means we will no longer have plastics for food packaging, medical devices, interiors for our cars, and pesticides for crops, medicines, food coloring, and a plethora of other things such as computers and cell phones that make our lives what they are right now.  People think that 3rd world countries are so awful and could not imagine living with no indoor plumbing or the lack of air conditioning, yet industrialized life cannot go on indefinitely.

All of the things that define the upper class mentality will sink when the bubble that is the Industrial Revolution pops just as smaller markets in the past have.

We must rid ourselves of the mentality that humans are a superior species because we can push around dirt and hold back nature for a time.

Nature will always win because it knows how to balance things better than humans ever have.


There were so many of these types of cartoons in an image search I had a hard time picking just one!


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