We wouldn’t want you to loose clients now would we?

This world is getting stranger by the day.

I love the material that comes from conversations that I have with people who are wrapped up in the corporate media created mentality.  Those big network watchers who are more wrapped up in the faux lives of TV celebrities than that of their own children and such.  

I was told in a conversation that a friend of mine is having a c-section scheduled for the birth of her second child.  I was unsure of the reasoning why the doctor would do this since it has been about 8 years since her first c-section and we all know the body has this miraculous way of healing itself and surely her previous c-section has finished it healing process.  It also concerned me since the physical process of birthing with all of its stressors and hormones is what helps the baby to transition from the womb to the outside world with ease and gives baby a healthy start. 

(If this birthing process was not the correct way then I’m sure no one has let Mother Nature know that she is wrong and should re-think her processes.)

For the most part I believe hospitals are scared of getting sued and so if they can control every aspect of the birthing process then they can say that they took every measure to secure the health of the mother and baby…no one cares that these babies will end up having health issues weeks after the birth because of blatantly going against mother nature.  (yes, yes I believe in emergency medicine and if a mother is desperately in despair then she needs a c-section but not for the other reasons in which they are performed, like the one in which my conversation turned to.)

So, my conversation friend whom had her three children via c-section tells me that she much prefers c-sections and she wouldn’t want her “shit” stretched out like that, and she cares about it so much that she refers to it as shit.

“What?” I ask her, “you know everything goes back to normal, right?”

She refuses to believe me.  She says she watched how yet another friend was stretched out during birth and there is no way that she would want to go through that. 

Oh my!  Has our society come to the point where people would rather spare their womanly parts for the health of their very own children?


Our children will one day rule the world…
I just hope we do a good job at raising them.

Yep, they would.  They do it every day and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Such a sad and strange world we live in.

My significant other imagines it goes something like this, “Oh, the agonizing pain of these stitches across my stomach but at least my vagina is okay.” 

I can’t stop laughing even though it means our species is beginning to descend into permanent artificiality.

By the way do they know those core muscles being severed will cause permanent structural damage to their posture?  Bet they didn’t think about that “shit.” 

We the People need to become more informed about many, many things.





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