Neglect not the gift that is in thee

I am taking a big step forward…not so sure about the bigness of it for others, but for me it is pretty big.


I have been writing a little on this blog over the course of the year and I have also been working for myself with my art which has been somewhat exciting and successful.


Now the big step…I am going public.  No, not the whole charade of stocks and pretend money public; just connecting the dots on my website, blog, and ‘take big gulp’ facebook.


Now, I wouldn’t say that I am a private person.  I may be a bit socially awkward and have my own way of doing things, but I also have an uncanny understanding of the human psyche and for the most part I do not push my opinions on others.   We all learn from our own experience and bashing the opinions of others is not what I try to do and wish others were more open as well.  I just like to analyze the thoughts of other people and hopefully see from their perspective how they came to the conclusion they came to.  Sometimes this can make for very amusing conversations in my house with added commentary, accents and all, but doesn’t give me much room to voice my own thoughts.


I allow others opinions to stand.  If you ask my opinion I will be very straightforward and honest and I love debate and hashing out thoughts so long as it is done favorably for all parties.  So, if I don’t feel as though others can reasonably debate I remain silent.  But this little endeavor of mine may be a bit eye opening for some, because when you grow up with people they create for themselves this image or perception of who you are, and for the most part I have allowed others to make whatever image they wanted of me, that is until these last few years through what I term my ‘dark night of the soul.’


I’m no longer in the business of maintaining someone else’s perception of who I am.  I now understand where I failed myself in the past; being so lax about some things and uptight about others.   I have been given the opportunity to help others and that is what I am good at and what I will remain doing until another door opens.


It may not be that eye opening for those who know me, because you can never truly gauge the opinions of others, but I’ll probably get a few phone calls on what we term in my family the ‘Pinner Line.’  This is the long line of telephone calls that ensue throughout the many sisters, aunts, and cousins when a piece of juicy information surfaces.  There is usually weeping, angry incitement, and laughter over long hours of analysis.  Then we all gather during the holidays and all is forgiven…I hope anyways that is how I was raised anyhow.  We are all family and no amount of foolishness on our part can change that fact.  I am just mentally preparing myself with this post in the hopes that not too much comes of it all.


For the next few weeks or so, depending upon when the creative mood strikes just right…I will be changing things up a bit and learning how to add flair and such to this blog.  In the interim you can see my website at  I working on things over there as well.



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