It is only my opinion…

I received a question on my facebook page about promoting one’s self as an artist and I would like to address this question where the most may benefit from my opinion on it.  I am no expert in marketing and do not claim to be.  I can however give an opinion that I have formulated through my experience and perspective.  This opinion is subject to change according to what I learn from others and if I experience things differently.  Perspectives change as our bodies are constantly moving about in the environment and interacting on many different levels so naturally you will learn and grow and change.  If your find your opinions change according to who is sitting next, then you may need to do some deeper examining of your own perspective. 



I need help promoting my daughters paintings, I just don’t know what to do I’m not an artist.


I would first suggest that there is a lot of information on the internet for promoting oneself in many fields of work including art.  You can check youtube videos and search engines for a variety of information.  Also there may be some type of art council for your local city or county that would be glad to help provide information.  Don’t forget to do your part and research well. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that for success in any endeavor one must pursue it with heart and be well intentioned.  If your daughter loves to work with her hands and create then she needs to find within herself the balance between who she is and what her art is.  If she attaches too much of her value to her art, then she may get discouraged when things don’t work out like she imagined.  On the other hand when she understands who she is and then allows her art to only be a reflection of different aspects of her own thoughts and opinions then the opinions of others will not affect her as readily.  This doesn’t mean she won’t get discourage, we learn through trials and if everything is all hunky dory then she will never grow.  If something that you perceive as terrible comes along then inspect it closely it could be a blessing in disguise.  Pushing one’s self harder makes for a happier outcome.

A lot of money made in art is based on the opinion of others about one’s work.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people have to like your works to want to buy your works.  The good thing about this is, is that if you have genuine talent and skill in your work than there is the likelihood that there are people out there that will enjoy your work as well.  If you pursue your passion you will be successful.  This success may not reflect on dollar amounts, but a poor man who is calm in spirit is worth more than all the riches of the world. 

I am not unsure about those who attend a university and receive specialized degree in art.  I did not take that route.  It has been my experience that if you go to a university and receive an art degree you have a better chance of learning in more specialized fields, gaining lots of exposure, and increasing your ability to raise your prices.    Don’t forget though that a university is a “for profit” institution and as long as you are paying and doing your work then you can receive any degree they want to dish out.  This does not guarantee that you have what it takes to be an artist or whatever else you study for. 

I hate to come off as harsh, but we can’t be whoever we want to be.  We must be that which we were born to be.  If you are feeling sick all the time and miserable like you are missing something then you probably are and just not being honest with yourself. 

Self assertion in who you are is the best tool in promoting anything you set your heart to. 

(I am definitely not assured in my ability to give advice, so I will stop there.  My only intention is to help in some way and I hope I did that and made sense. ) 


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