The curiosity is still there under all the rubble of adulthood

Self-Defense Is a Weird Argument for Owning a Gun.

This one got down to the nitty-gritty and never once mentioned something that tugs at the heartstrings like oh so many others. We need deeper thought into issues in America and so many have other things they would like to do to occupy their precious hours than thinking deeply about pressing issues.

I had to re-blog this because it struck with me and below I have added my comment to the discussion.

I just started reading a book about memory and this syncs with it. We need to be able to question things and discuss them. If we can no longer question then we loose a bit of our humanity; our child like quality.

I do not think they just want to feed the cobras. I think they do feel as though if they don’t win then they will have the cobras taken, as well as their own and they didn’t do anything wrong.

The argument is really, “Do you understand where I come from?” They just want to be heard and have their rights. They feel the need to defend themselves against those who would blame their ideals or beliefs on such atrocities. They are only human and somehow are being treated as their beliefs are responsible for deaths. It is a human tendency to want to fit in and having one relate with you is a quick fix to that want.

I don’t walk around all day with a cell phone. I quit smoking three years ago so that I don’t get cancer in 30 years, so I disconnected my cell phone two years ago for the same reason, payed the cancellation fee, and walked away, but when I tell this to people they begin the same questioning. What would you do if your car broke down; wouldn’t you want one then? They feel threatened that somehow my belief is threatening theirs.

I understand that some people feel the need to have the things with them that may be needed just in case of an emergency, but really the argument is about defending ones right to have a belief or ideals in the first place without them coming into question.


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