Individualistic-living off the backs of Giants is a bit Ironic.

The Cult of Individualism: I’m Special and You’re Not.

I enjoyed this post and like most other times would like to add my open and honest commentary.

I think not only teachers but everyone needs to begin to speak differently and not just to these kids but to everyone.

Politicians need to speak differently to those whom they are supposed to represent instead of following their own agendas.

Doctors need to speak differently to their patients instead of covering everything with the security of medication and insurance.

Parents need to speak of restraint for the sake of her children’s futures.

Individuals need to speak differently to their inner selves and rid the world of complacency.

The human in particular is not the success; success is what comes from effort put forth to bring about a change.

To dehumanize people and take advantage of their life’s position to make more money is not success.

Manipulating people to gain acceptance is not success.  Popularity through manipulative marketing should never be taken as a reflection of value.

Putting money into stocks and bonds, which grow off the efforts of another, as security for a future one is never guaranteed is not success.

It is all forms of fear.  Fear of letting go.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of not being in control.  We as humans fear these things just as our ancestors did.  Just as ancient Babylonians or Romans who personified these fears through stories of gods, giving our dilemmas divine providence over our lives.

We fear our own society our own creation so much so that we try to build up the psyches of our children so they can may be prepared to overtake whatever lurks in the shadows of uncertainty, but in hindsight it has only made the darkness that much more scarier.

I think I am a bit grumpy as well.  Mother earth certainly is.  I hope we can all create our own inner lights so that the darkness will no longer seem so dark.



2 thoughts on “Individualistic-living off the backs of Giants is a bit Ironic.

    • Thank for your comment…I was saying how ironic it is for some to say they are individualistic, yet they find their individualism off of others achievement. I am definitely living everyday working for a better world and I hope others change as well.

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