Getting Lost in the Experience

april 003

My helper as I work on a wedding topper. He lets me know if I’m doing a good job, and when it is lunch time.

I spend my work day with my 3 year old, so the majority of my adult conversations are held with me, and when one talks to herself for long enough she quickly gets into “that” category.  You know the category of thoughts that question everything around you.  Questions about society and the way things are set up socially.  The “rules” one must follow to be considered normal on the saneness scale.

For instance, the thoughts that the majority of a human’s expenditure of energy is put forth on cleaning the insides of their homes and dressing up the exteriors; that is if they don’t work so much that they just pay someone else to put forth this expense so they can spend ever more time working to make the money to pay for the help, or they are just lazy.  Now, I’m not thinking about Better Homes and Gardens dressing up, just plain old cut-the-grass, weed-the-beds, pick-up-whatever-the-wind-blew-in kind of stuff.  Then if you are one of those who cherish the lushly green turf without a spot of “weeds” aka ‘natural fauna’ then you have more expenditure.

Weeds vs. TurfI think about all those poor weeds that never had a chance with all their pretty miniature flowers…they get killed and washed away with some harsh chemicals so that the uniform grass can take over with all of its spring death and dullness.  Does anyone entertain the thought about where these chemicals go once the rain washes them away?  I think about it every time I see one of those guys ambling through a yard spraying the green stuff on a neighor’s lawn.  A lawn that a kid might crash his bike into and land on which in turn covers his clothes and shoes where touched.

The river being referred to by this sewer drain is the Mighty Mississippi or as we like to call him Old Man River

The river being referred to by this sewer drain is the Mighty Mississippi or as we like to call him Old Man River

That poor aquatic fauna never saw it coming.  I wonder how many vegans only care about directly effecting animals and ignore the indirect suffering they may cause?  Does not the extraction of oil for gasoline and all those nice plastic things decimate animal populations?  Do vegans not drive cars or talk on cell phones because the production of these things would cause distress to animals?

I wonder how much time is spent cleaning in different tribes around the world or how much my ancestors cleaned theirs and others homes.  I try to keep my home clean, but I would also love to spend time with my children outside exploring ideas and experiences.  Society was set up the way that it is when I was born, so I must spend the extra-time either paying for someone to keep a standard or keep the standard myself so that I am not ostracized by a group of which I am supposed to be a part.  Why do I want to be part of their group?  Why do I want them to accept me?

I hold expectations of others in my group as well.  I expect that people would only present themselves in public places fully clothed.  I do not wish to see pajama pants at the grocery store.  Then I wonder, do they get in their bed with those clothes that they have walked around in all day?  How often do they clean their sheets? Do they have breathing problems or trouble sleeping? Do they know that if they didn’t unnecessarily use all those harsh chemicals then they wouldn’t be bringing them into their enclosed homes and rubbing them all over their carpets and sheets and breathing them in for 7 hours every night?

They could be so much more comfortable and healthy if it was socially acceptable to actually tell people these things to their faces and if they were actually open enough to accept advice from someone in their community.  Community…that’s a word that has been redefined in our society.

Community should be the knowing that one is amongst others who will help and guide them.  It is innate in the human to seek validation for their existence; for humans to want to be accepted as part of a group.  Humans want to seek out the emotions that make them feel good.  It could be the feeling that they are needed which makes them happy.  The feeling that they made someone laugh which brings laughter into their hearts.  The thought that they helped make someone’s life that much more grand with their show of love.

There are also those that seek validation of their own greatness.  The one that seeks to be on top at the expense of making their colleague look like a fool.  The one that would rather get the pat on the back then save the jobs of thousands.

To each his own…the darkness is that which defines the light and without light there would not be darkness.

This is about how I explain it, because I feel as though I can’t do anything to change it.  It is much easier this way, and sometimes going with the flow is your only choice…or is it?

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