Nothing Skews Nature Quite Like Monsters and Zombies

“If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” Thomas Jefferson

I’ve had a number of synchronistic moments lately that have prompted my mind to wander through some of the chaos and try, in some way, to encompass it for a moment.  This of course usually takes my mind away from projects needing my attention.  It seems the best remedy is to try to write it all down and give it a place to resonate outside of my head.

The ruminating began with an idea I came up with in the shower.  This is my place of solace and meditation; a place where the buzz of life is drowned out by the repetitious pulsing of the water.  I am usually taken away and many of my ideas are allowed to grow in this space.  My idea however was for a painting project, and since I have discovered that talking about my ideas for projects gives me the same satisfaction of finishing my projects, I will hold back.  This way I have the desire to bring it to completion.  I will however dive into the underlying theme of the idea.

Freewill: the ability for humans to make choices unconstrained by certain factors.

Certain factors? Factors that cause constraints?

Let’s take the example of my choice not to drink and get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  The choice if I’m honest about my intentions is constrained by an ethical concern for not killing me or other humans.  There is also the metaphysical constraint of my soul or karma, as well as legal and social constraints attached to that choice.  This choice then is not one of freewill by definition.

 Now, I have toyed with the idea, that the creation or arrival of freewill is essentially the originator of evil.  Yes, our ability to have freewill, choices without constraints, gives us the inherent ability to be evil.  Simply spoken, right?

I choose to harm others when I choose to purchase items from China who under a totalitarian communist regime mistreat their people according to my ethical principles of not harming other humans.  I enable China’s government to continue their evil by supporting those industries.  I also have the freewill to decide (of course in my favor) that this choice has constraints like convenience or lack of funds, but who am I kidding?  I want to ditch my responsibility to humanity.

I admit that social constraints are greatly influential…especially since humans are greatly social beings.  I try my best to be aware and responsible about the earth’s resources; such as not buying things I don’t need or redefining what are my actual needs, and buying used.  Sometimes, though, when in public places, I see the crisp new colors of the season, the flashy signs, and beautifully decorated displays and I want the satisfaction of buying new things.  I am an artist and I enjoy beautiful things…especially when compared to my dingy and faded clothing or accessories.  There is usually nothing wrong with the functionality of the things I own, just their social acceptance in most sectors of Western society.  The pull is great to want to be accepted and fit in.  Sadly the rules for acceptance are created by those who benefit the most from said rules.

Who is more in charge of the rules of Western society, other than those in control of the basics for human life?  I’m referring to the minimum basics; food, water, shelter.  Where is one able to take up shelter without having to pay some sort of tax, levy, or rent?  Necessity by Western civilization now includes cars, cell phones, running water, indoor toilets, three square meals a day plus snacks in between and maybe a coffee, etc.   Human survival has been undermined for profit.

I watched the documentary Death By China recently.  Now the documentary did have a poor narrative and was plagued with propaganda like imagery, but the underlying storyline was along the lines of how American corporations should be held accountable for moving production to China to make a buck.

The CEO’s interviewed talk about how they have the constraints of obligation and dedication to their shareholders.  This is really CEO’s and other corporate executives choosing of their own freewill to push the blame around.  They are choosing to look at the situation in only one way.

We are given that with freewill; the ability to perceive a situation the way we deem fit, hence the creation of evil.

This brought me to thinking heavily about the people that make these choices.  They must become so swept up by the constraints of materialism that their choices are no longer their own.  Or are they?

These people continue to make these choices because they have removed the element of humanity along with its constraints of empathy and compassion for its fellow humans and other species.  They removed this element by creating entities where these constraints are no longer present.  These created entities are corporations.  They are separate legal entities that have legal rights and liabilities, which stand separate from the employees and shareholders, yet they have no human component for emotional response.  These are the Frankenstein’s of the 21st century and they are being created and ran by people who choose to perceive the world in such a way that evil abounds.

A few examples of said evils, in my opinion, are conventional beef production, Chinese manufacturing practices, ecosystem contamination, publicly traded prisons, Human trafficking, sexualization of children,  life in garbage dumps, greed, homelessness.

The creation of entities in my opinion is similar to the writing down of laws and restrictions.  These actions or thought patterns takes away an awareness of the human connection.  It essentially removes the connection between beings.  It creates a formality, wherein one is not responsible for their actions as long as they followed the “rules.”  Once these barriers are erected, humans have the freewill to choose not to have an emotional response toward another being.  They can conveniently just accept the pre-conceived ideal of how to act or react to the situation at hand.

These corporate entities, once created must then be tended to.  They have an ever growing appetite for expansion, along with expanding rules and regulations attached.  Creating an increasingly complex system with more service-type jobs where one serves the corporate entity.  This expansion must continually be fed, and since these are not true beings, their feeding is only based on their principles and not humanities or the Earth’s for sustainment of life.  I hope you understand where I am getting at with this.

There are quite a few instances where non-stop growth is not a good thing.  I will only name a few: cancer, gigantism, obesity, mice.

It amuses me how we as humans mimic many of nature’s systems for use in our technologies because of its genius and efficiency.  We have yet to harness many others, but still we fail to pay attention to nature’s obvious fail-safes.

When over population begins to decay and diminish life in an area, a death occurs in nature that resets the clock for life to grow again.  And nature has a knack for continuing to flourish in spite of adversity.

We are all still here and alive at the moment despite asteroids, earthquakes, tsunamis, and ice ages.

Human, though, continue to pollute the world. Then when nature is so saturated with toxins that humans are having difficulties producing young or are dying of cancers, we just continued to march to our own drums.  Instead of correcting the contributing factors, we just find more ways around the truth.

Why?  We have the option of freewill.  We want that cup of coffee, that new shirt, the fancy car, those gifts to know just how much we are loved.

I really think that for anyone to gain a higher perspective about this world of ours, we must first gain a healthy respect for the world and its laws.

Who’s to say that if we quite down and stop asserting our dominion over nature, that nature might just show us a grander view of our place on this world.  We don’t have to venture far to find truth and meaning in life.  It is before us.  It is us.  It dwells within every minute piece of the whole.  It is the thing that holds it all together.  Whatever you may want to call it, it does exist, because we exist.

This is the thing that with our ability of freewill we are able to shield ourselves from it by creating barriers such as corporate entities.  We are able to perceive the world around us how we choose.  The only problem is that eventually we will freewill ourselves out of well-being and earth all together, that is unless the idea of living in a dystopian future is your idea of living.

These barriers or walls that cut off the connection begin to distort the true nature of things.  The distortions bring about bizarreness in nature.  These distortions are skewed, twisted, cancerous, actions and intentions.  Things such as pedophilia, deliberate sickness, and just doing evil shit about sums it up.

We as humans need to open the blinders on these monsters created by monsters.  They will eventually get out of hand and begin eating everything up in their path.  It will be an all out zombie apocalypse.  Accept, of course, the zombies were never human to begin with.  (yet we still gave them constitutional rights).


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