The Problem Of “Corporate Rulership” – Operating Within a Living and Breathing Field of Space Time

A great post on the entities created by humans to profit while skirting actual responsibility. The comments are great reading as well. The chaos in our society has definitely encompassed us on this one….now how do we get out of its grip?

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Bradley asked me to publish this article, and I’m honored to do so. He doesn’t mince words or leave us any wiggle room as we consider our way forward. We both will be interested to hear your thoughts on this. . . ~J

By Bradley Loves

Legally, Corporations are nothing more than FICTIONS! They are “created” from the minds of living and breathing beings, written down on paper, and given an “imagined” purpose, known as a Corporate Charter. They are in matter of fact, NOT REAL, and specifically only exist on paper, which is why they are nothing more than fictions!

Or, if we want to get precise…, they are formally known as Legal Fictions.

I use the word Legal, because they are recognized as legitimate under the “current” form of laws that many people seem to accept. They are also recognized as “persons” under those same current laws, (See United States…

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