Korean Propaganda Video Switcheroo

I just wanted to make a quick observation without looking too far into it.
I read a post earlier from another blog that reminded me of a video I had watched this summer. Really this was a full length film and not a simple YouTube video.
I wanted to reference the movie in my comment, so I did a quick Google search to find a link.
This film was an English dubbed Korean Propaganda film bashing talking about Western society and the people that inhabit it.
In my Google search, though, I only found references to some hoax propaganda video that apparently went viral.


After thumbing through pages looking for my video I began to get frustrated. The film I was searching for was way better than some hoax video.

My film, that I was now desperately searching for, really made me think and contemplate my perspective and it questioned my ideals. I didn’t want this hoax video to overshadow it. That thought really got me thinking…”did the hoax video come out just to overshadow this film?”.

It took me a few negative Boolean operations in Google to finally find the film. I really feel bad for the people I directed toward searching for this film. I had no idea about the little switcherroo that had occurred earlier this year which lead to the obscuring of the actual thought provoking film.

So, I will now send them to this blog. Here is the correct Korean Propaganda movie that I was using to make observations.



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