Tripping on Front Porches

Southern living is not truly complete without an extra wide front porch…

We are currently in the throes of house hunting. You know the all too familiar story…we chose to add another life to our family and now there just is not enough space in our home for all of us.

Seriously, I am not sure how New Yorkers live in tiny apartments with no yard. We currently have a 1200 square foot house on a quarter of an acre for 6 people, two cats, and a dog (our second dog a shepherd is currently living at grandma’s house). No room.
Our living room has become the nursery pretty much. I replaced our entertainment center with a dresser to accommodate the extra stuff.

Yet, after house hunting only a few short weeks we are getting pretty bummed out. I have now begun reading others house hunting horror stories…this does not make it better in anyway.

I did want to share an experience, though, because I am now torn on a place.
We went to go look at a property that is everything that we want and more. I love to toil the earth and I love to have space to plant flowers and gardens and more flowers and yet another garden. This place had 6 acres and is within our budget. The house is fairly new and has a lot of space for our growing family. It would be great for our future teenage boys.
So, what’s the catch you might ask?

I had the strangest experience in my life while at this property.

The home was considered abandoned and the bank repossessed it.

I had the most bizarre blurring of my vision that began after we walked our tour of the house. It all started slowly with what seemed like small water droplets in my vision. This was as if I had on a pair of glasses sprinkled with water on the lenses. The effect was around all objects. Like each object was being looked at through a droplet. Soon it warped as if I had on a pair of swimming goggles where little droplets of water are on the lenses and water has gotten inside the goggles as well and filled my peripheral vision with electrified blurriness.

migraine aura

Everything was pulsating. It was all in motion no matter where I looked or what I viewed.
It wasn’t as if anything was dulled and blurry…everything was bright and seemingly hyper-real. Although there was this weird distortion, it was as if everything was super intensified in my field of vision.

I was straight tripping. I was standing there on the big beautiful Southern porch with the agent and my 4 children straight tripping out of my mind. I didn’t try to let on to what was happening to my vision, because I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy. I didn’t feel wobbly or sick at all. I just saw everything in hyper focus.

My husband decided to walk the perimeter of the house one last time, so we remained there on the porch. I kept my gaze on objects away from the other’s faces and made small talk with the Realtor. I kept thinking this place is so perfect, but what the fuck was going on with my eyes.

I was a bit unnerved at the event. I started thinking of reasons why this could be occurring…one being the worst worst-case-scenario I could think up.
My imagination loves to bum me out some times. I settled on, “I’m just really hungry and am having a bit of low blood sugar.”

I still do not know what this disturbance was. It subsided quickly as we drove to a restaurant for lunch. The question that has stuck in my head is, “Was this just a coincidence, or did the property illicit my sudden vision problems?”

I have begun researching and found an answer and it looks like it might have been a migraine aura…

I have now come across the website Wow, such a resource for so much interesting information. I have apparently been experiencing many things that are migraine related other than just the pain of a headache.

My whole worldview is being distorted at the moment.
I must now go and rethink my reality for a bit…


4 thoughts on “Tripping on Front Porches

    • We will be revisiting this weekend. We really love the property. I will be bringing my sister along. It didn’t help that it was raining either. Hopefully we will get some sun.

  1. Indeed — very interesting experience. Might have caused its former inhabitants to “abandon” it.
    Ever since I caught onto the symptoms associated with our on-going evolution as humans returning to our innate multi-dimensionality, I take these kinds of physical effects as being evidence of internal changes for the GOOD. In other words, I go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum as “worst-case-scenario-medical alerts.
    Sheldan Nidle has helped me to understand the kinds of changes and the symptoms associated with each one. For instance, since 2005, I’ve had moments of irregular heartbeats that could be construed of some kind of heart problem. I never thought of it that way. Instead, I said to myself, “My heart is expanding and this is a sign it is getting “bigger” and growing.” Over the years, I held it that way and indeed I felt as if I grew in my ability to love. Gradually, these symptoms went away. Now they occur only very rarely.
    Here is the link to a post that I wrote a couple of years ago. Your symptoms will correspond to the information about the new chakras in the head. Especially the Pineal and the Well of Dreams.
    Also — check the ley lines through your property or get a dowser and see if there are energy vortexes, particularly where the house is situated. It sounds like something energetic is triggering your response and you are sensitive and intuitive enough to be picking it up. Do not evaluate the situation, because “no one else is feeling anything or seeing anything differently. It does not mean that there is something wrong with you for having these experiences or wrong with them for not having these experiences. The question is: “Are you, or can you be, OK with these experiences and will they be a positive influence on you and your family or not?”
    Another thought I just had is to bring your animals (the two dogs) to the property and see how they react. OR book a reading with Jean Rockefeller and her animal Watchers.
    I’m going to stop now, as you did not ask for my opinion and I may have overloaded you. All the best with this and WOW! Straight trippin’ What a concept! ♥ Alia

    • No, overload. Thanks for your take. I too have been contemplating the experience with an open mind. It is a place for my family and I to grow greatly, and this is what we have been searching for. I almost see it as the place jumping out at me and shouting “Stay! Please” I will follow your advice about the dogs. Great idea. We will be visiting again in 2 days time.

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