Welcome to Fantasy Island

I would hope that there are more people out there to help in investigating this. One would think this is a superb news story that a major news network would take on, but it seems those mainstream news networks are more concerned about appeasing our government than doing true investigating reporting.

Dark Matters a Lot

t5 Our Government and Their Scientists are Living on Fantasy Island. Billions and Billions of dollars of environmental destruction on the North Shore of Kauai, HI. and they have no answers.

Once again yesterday I was saddened to see more of my sea turtle friends (honu) at Tunnels Reef (Makua) that looked like they have been through a firing squad! Their flippers were shredded with live flesh exposed and their shells were all chipped up. I have now seen over a dozen turtles at Tunnels with their eyes gone, flippers shredded and shells damages. I have been diving with sea turtles for dozens of years and have seen thousands underwater. I have over 300 hours of HD underwater sea turtle video and a movie out world wide on sea turtles, and I have not once seen anything like what is happening to the turtles currently at Tunnels. This reef happens to…

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