Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings

This keeps eerily happening…training exercises around the same time as the live event. The really sad part about this that gets me every time is that REAL people are loosing their lives. I do not for once think that those lives lost are fake or are actors.
I really hope that there is not some rogue government agency coming up with this stuff and people are actually loosing their lives over some greater agenda, but my mind can’t stop thinking about all the atrocities that have been wrought on peoples by their government. Throughout history this has happened, and in American history there have been 100’s of “conspiracy theories” that have later turned out not so theoretical.

Our jobs as citizens is not to sit by idly and complacent while these “coincidences” keep happening. It is our job to question and create alternative theories to try and figure out where we have gone wrong as a people. Is our society really creating these people? What trauma does our current system impose upon our youth that this is the end result?

Gun control certainly is not the answer. We can see from history that many many more objects can be used other than guns to cause mass murder. Just do a Google search.

If there is not some greater conspiracy behind these events, then there is something seriously wrong with our society and we need to fix it.

Please contemplate your lives and the lives of those around you. What things can you do to create peace in the lives of others?

My mind and heart cannot fathom why the parents of a 6 month old baby would go through with something like this. They just celebrated the birth of new life and in turn took the lives of so many. What went wrong?

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings

What are the odds?

by Jon Rappoport

November 21, 2015

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By Jon Rappoport

Note: Thanks to I found much information at the site, as well as links to relevant articles.

Whether mass shootings are approached as the mainstream reports them, or as false flags, staged scenarios, or outright hoaxes, there is a common thread which runs through some of them: official training exercises held just prior to, or at the same time as, the shootings.

I’m not trying to present an all-inclusive list here.

The November 13, 2015, Paris attacks: “Since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, from which 16 people died, Paris-area ambulance crews and emergency personnel have taken part in regular exercises designed to test their readiness for possible attacks. One such exercise was held on Friday morning…

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