We are surrounding chaos from all sides in the hopes to solidify our truest desires, and yet it keeps escaping our efforts. We as beings have continued for eons trying to put constraints on all that there is. We can see throughout our written history that we have yet to find something that can contain it all for any extended period of time and still allow it to express its wholeness…

I sit.

I watch.

I observe.

I gather.

I correlate.

I extrapolate.

I make assumptions.

I hold no belief in my assumptions.

I believe nothing and ponder everything.

This helps me to too see the world from afar.

I look at life through the perspectives of everyone around me.

The world is a series of pieces creating a mosaic, beautiful in form and being.

The mosaic is not made by the many pieces gathered together creating a picture.

The mosaic is only made whole by the substrate that connects it all and provides a base on which to create.

I want others to join me in observing this experience; allowing the reflections of our outer world shine light on our inner turmoil.

I am an artist at heart with experience as an executive assistant, construction worker, mother, student, college graduate, waitress, supervisor, store clerk, interior designer, writer, blogger, daughter of an alcoholic, heuristic, drafter, seamstress, thinker, and rider of things to come…and would love to share it all with you.

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  1. Hello,
    I want to say hello and thank you for following my blog. Your take is very interesting and I want to learn more. It is also synchronous that you mention mosaics prominently in your description and my last post is on mosaics. Love when that happens!

    in light,

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I saw a comment of yours on a blog I follow and I love synchronous events as well…you seem to follow a path that I am currently researching for a novel. That is if it ever culminates completely. I found the mosaic idea years ago on the wingmakers site and could not put it down. It rings so true on many different levels.

      • wow! I recently found the wingmakers fifth interview and I cannot get it off my mind. Will blog on it at some point. My path parallels your novel in progress?

        Maybe we should discuss via email. You got my attention! peace, LInda

  2. Hello and thank you for stopping by and following New Earth Paradigm. I appreciate the stance of observer and ponderer that you are taking as what I call a “sacred witness” of Life. It is a powerful way to learn, as well as support flow and healing at this critical time. So many of our “fellows” jump into the “mud” and just start slinging without actually observing if that is where they truly want to be or what they wish to perpetuate. The one piece that I would add to your list above (and perhaps you do this but did not list it) is to ground yourself into the core of our Mother planet and let Her inform you, as well as stabilize you. Guarantee — if there is any order available in the chaos, She’ll point it right out to you. So many blessings on your unique and precious path, Alia

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