In the last 2 years I have begun to try and document my painting process more, since people (my mother-in-law) tell me that I need lots of pictures to show my work so I can get more jobs.  I try.  I really do try, but I usually get very involved in the process and completely forget to take pictures, but I am improving in this endeavor.

I hope to not just get more jobs, but to help others improve as well.  I love to seek others advice and watch other process videos to learn.  Please let me know if you have questions about anything and maybe you can inspire another video.  Enjoy!

Black and white portrait in oil.

Just finished Ocean portrait.

This video I did for a Kickstarter project to raise money for my first out of state competition.  I didn’t get my kickstarter funds but I did compete in the competition.  I did not  win.  Too much flim flam.

This was my compilation video of my entry for the competition.  Note the many missing pictures of the process and a few I didn’t even get pictures of at all.

A how to for a forum project I posted once.

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