Egyptian Winged Disk Represents the Pituitary Gland

I have been revisiting the human anatomy as of late and I was pretty astounded by a correlation with the sphenoid bone and pituitary gland of the human body with the Egyptian winged disk.  There is an uncanny resemblance.  I was quickly reminded of the eye of Horus and the pineal gland.

Here is a picture of the Eye of Horus to refresh your memory or show you for the first time.


I really like this correlation and all the things it makes my mind think about.

Here is what I believe I have found.  First the solar winged disk.


Here is the sphenoid bone. The pituitary gland hangs just behind the Dorsum sellae in the sella turcica.  I think the likeness is uncanny.

sphenoid bone pituitary gland

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Here is a picture from the side of the pituitary gland sitting in the Sella Turica and you can see it in relation to the pineal gland.  If the Egyptians were messing with one part of the brain they could have been snooping around in others.


I’m not sure where this idea can go, but there is certainly so much that can be ascertained.  We do know the Egyptians were all about cutting up the human body and that other ancient peoples have even performed brain surgery.

Were the Egyptians’ stories about the gods trying to assimilate a physical body with a spiritual mind?  How do we teach and pass on inner strength and morality?  If these things come from within us, where does within ever end?  Could it be considering a whole realm of reality that is within our own human minds?

I have always like to view the stories of the gods and goddesses as a way to formulate how humans and society work.  First you have higher thinking and authority, then you have so many different attributes of human behavior from anger to beauty and the arts to war.  Among the myths there is room for every human emotion along with an embodiment of values and ideals.  We as humans like to anthropomorphize everything.

Just think about the recent film Inside Out.  Each emotion was given specific character traits and bodies to match.  Hundreds of years in the future these characters may be seen as mythological gods.

While trying to find other correlations of the sphenoid bone and the winged sun disk, I found the following bit of information.  It brings in another feature called the optic chiasm which is the area where the optic nerves cross.  Now sight is being added to the equation.

Teaching about the sella turcica

I’m not sure what to think about it, but it is interesting how this little area is living on in teachings these days.  How come it lost the correlation with the winged disk?

I will leave you with this picture of where the optic chiasm is in relation to the pituitary gland.  Maybe someone out there will do a better job of bringing all this information together.




Nobody wants to claim to be like their mother…

What falls may not be a direct reflection.

What falls may not be a direct reflection.

Authentic Cool: Global Hipsters and Consumer Culture.

Ironic is the word I have been looking for to describe my feelings about the culture change I have watched rise in recent years.  It’s as though the mentality from western society has slowing spread throughout the world’s hemispheres and encompasses all societies.  One explanation is authentic cool as described by Paul Mullins.  I’m not in education and I don’t have to be contrite, and am not committed to critical reflection, but I will be honest and explain it like I see it.

I look at it like this: we are a society that watched its own self grow up on television and through comedic parlance.  We witnessed great leaps in communication and technology.  We have seen things that no other society has seen before.  (In the use of society I see our collective species as a society in whole).  We are in new territory and we are all scared shitless of ourselves because we know what we are capable of, we’ve seen it, remember.  We just stopped talking about it and started disseminating the common knowledge through these new avenues birthed before us.  We distance it from ourselves and allow it to reflect us in a myriad of ways yet not real.  Then we have nothing but younger generations trying to find themselves amongst our rubble.

This new society has become largely service industry minded: advertising, marketing, public relations, creating new business and growing what is there.  Consumerist, materialistic, service to self minded, whatever else derogatory things people can say about it.  There is a blur now between the years of consumer culture.  It is evolving so fast that everything is sort of getting jumbled up. We are being marketed and sold a new form of our own history, and we are eating it up like a fat kid eats cake.

We are all like children trying to find our way and live some form of acceptance…albeit with endless credit, the ability to blast shit, and power to create our own new forms of life (i.e. corporate monsters).

We all jump on the bandwagon at some point in our lives.

Case in point: The majority of higher education is a bubble that is going to go down like the housing market.  The more people that get higher education, the more money they have to make to pay their debt, which was money loaned out willy-nilly to anyone hoping to become the next big thing at the behest of the college that needed the funds to ‘grow’ their university under the paradigm of infinite economic growth.

Now I am not really sure what goes on in these big marketing meetings where people brainstorm back and forth what they think will help sell stuff, but frankly I am getting sick of being sold anything.  I don’t need more stuff so someone can make their numbers rise by 2% and get another raise which takes more money out of the mouths of babes.  Some want to argue it doesn’t but when a father has to take a second job to feed his children it does.  Oh yeah, I forgot, the argument is also that the man shouldn’t of had children that he couldn’t afford, but he couldn’t afford them because someone above him wanted to be selfish and take more than they needed so there wasn’t enough to go down the line and make it  around the table.  I’m sure that logic works in the Origin of Species, but not in 21st century or does it?

I know that I take for advantage the fact that we have electric lights and toilets inside our homes, but I feel the need to have more going back into the earth than being taken out.  I also feel the need to spend more time without cell towers and electricity buzzing around my head all the time.  I don’t think that amassing more stuff is making me better in anyway.

I conclude I am just like my mom…she wanted to raise good children who respected others and loved one another.  She wanted to raise children that were thoughtful and held a good work ethic.  She wanted children who showed that she accomplished her goals.  She just wanted to live her life, freely.

No amount of consumerism or materials will accomplish those goals for me.

To me it is ironic, the thing which we hope not to be, we so desperately become.

…and this place is great, kind of, when it agrees with me anyways.

There are lots of ironic things that can be found amongst its pages.