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Keshe Gives 10-DAY Notice to ALL Nations of Earth (Oct. 26) –

I haven’t looked much into this guy and what he is about, one thing I quickly found out was that no one is talking about it in the mainstream. All I had to do was Google his name and plasma energy and look in news. No news site whatsoever has written about this. Complete silence. Even weirdos and quacks get filler stories written about them. Quacks make for good entertainment, they can be amusing, but not even a crazy quack story. Again…

Complete Silence.

Maybe, just maybe, this guy is for real and the  alternative media community needs to start blasting the airwaves with this information.


Are you a Creator or Victim, dare I ask?

You never know what you might find on the other side…

It has been spoken about in ‘conspiracy’ circles that Hollywood gets the inside info (from inside sources or just by some freak incident of tapping into the collective mind of humanity) and disseminates it to the public so that it tones down the shock value for the masses and hopefully holds off hysteria in the instance that the truth were to come out before its allotted ‘time’.  For the most part we believe that they are given this info, and yes I see myself as one of those conspiracy kooks as career killing as that might be.

It has also been the norm that after a number of years a conspiracy theory was formulated that it finally gets validated (usually when classified information is made available to the public).  There are of course more of these than I want to go into, so here is a link where you may read on…don’t get caught though, others might think YOU are crazy, because by the time that most conspiracies are validated the majority of the population has moved on to more important issues like who’s going to win the next American sweetheart show, who in their circle of friends is having marital problems, or who should be responsible for all of their problems.

So, for those who are still paying attention, I’ll move on to the reason for this post.  I heard on the Shnitt Show because my FM has gone out in the Mommy mobile and I am now forced to listen to AM which does not have many options in my area.  On another side note it has been interesting, though, to hear people scream and banter back and forth when calm voices is all that were needed to get the message across.  Mister Shnitt was talking about Hollywood movie people possibly being given classified information for research into a movie.  I think this Shnitt guy was really just trying to bash Obama like he does most days which only reduces our political system to some high school popularity game.  I was more interested in the Hollywood movie people and their blatant show of source information. I just had to investigate further.

Shnitt’s story originated with this article which he linked on his website.  It seems as though by the tone of the article and looking at the comments, that people are more worried about a hidden political agenda than the fact that our government has allowed filmmakers into the realm of the secrets.  Actually why can’t we the taxpayers funding all this crap be allowed into the realm of the secrets?   Oh, yeah I forgot all those big scary monsters out there wanting to kill us at every corner are waiting in the shadows for those secrets.  Yeah, that’s it.

Well, for me anyways this is another case in point for conspiracies ringing true like when everyone thought that the Mafia was fiction and the way that most still believe mind-control is fiction or that there is gold in Fort Knox.  I do believe and will continue to believe that ‘we the people’ are seriously being kept in the dark about things that could change our entire perspective on the human race and our existence as a species on this little blue growing planet.

Why, you ask?  Why are we kept in the dark?  I wonder that also…

Why do people lie?

Why do people hide?

Why do people do any of the silly and absurd things they do for money and fame?

I can’t really answer that, but I can say for myself I try to take responsibility for my actions; all of my actions.  No one is responsible for my well being and happiness.  No one.  That is my choice to make and I choose to create life and not be a victim of life.