Disguised Blessings – #Blesstival 2016


By Jef Poskanzer – originally posted to Flickr as Glass Beach / wave, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3773754

Blessings come in many ways in our lives and sometimes those blessing are in disguise.

It is easy to look back on our experience and see where something or someone was a blessing, but it is very difficult to see those blessing that are currently unfolding in the present, especially if they come with difficult change.

This of course does not mean that we are not blessed in the current moment; we just need to understand that blessings can come as hardships. We have all heard before when a tragedy strikes that maybe positive change will come of it.

I am reminded of the phrase “diamond in the rough.” If it were not for the hardships that cause one to get thrown about in the waves of experience, then one may never reach that level of refined beauty that so many seek.

I was asked recently by a friend, “How did you end up with a good man after being with an abusive one?” This was asked honestly with the underlying notion that those who get involved in abusive relationships tend to repeat those relationship choices.

I had never thought about my current relationship from this perspective….

How did I end up making a positive change in my life?

I am glad my friend had the courage to speak up and ask me. This was a blessing in its own right. The subject came up because of a blog post that I reluctantly made about my past abuse. I did not know at the time just how much healing that one blog post could bring me and again I was blessed.

My current relationship is thankfully not an abusive one. There are hard times and there are really tough decisions that need to be made, but I am now in a secure place in my experience that allows for greater spiritual growth. I am changing and growing and I am blessed to be in such a responsive relationship. I have been contemplating for weeks about my current relationship and questioning its blessings in preparation for this post. I only now see this relationship as such a blessing in progress because of this post.

When we honestly question our current experience for deeper meaning we are allowing the All That Is to move about freely in our lives to help us do some polishing up. This is also when synchronicity becomes visible. This has definitely been happening in my life, and I am happy to invite the change in perspective.

My previous post was about past blessings and where they have brought me. Those blessing in my life were much easier to view in hindsight. I could see the good that came about from those situations and I could say with confidence that I was blessed.

This current post is not as definitive as my last. I am being blessed yet I am among the chaos that comes with the shedding of old ways. Many of these current blessings are still being expressed and brought forth. They are not finished with me and I have not felt their true worth.

One of those blessings is my husband. It is his birthday today and I want to honor his presence in my life by expressing the blessings I have received from our relationship.

It has been difficult to truly see my blessings. I know that I have benefited greatly from our relationship and I know that I am happy with where our decisions have brought us thus far, but after 10 years we are still a work in progress.

If there is one great lesson that I have learned from this man, it is to seek greatness in all that I do and the blessings will abound.

I am still at a loss for words to describe the blessings in our relationship, but I do know that love is the best sandpaper there is when is comes to smoothing out our spiritual selves. My husband and I can only truly know our worth to one another and others can only know the reflections that our relationship makes upon this world.

My hope is that we help create positive change to those around us.

Change is always happening and we get to chose how we perceive it, just as you get to perceive my intentions for this post.

I want others to seek to see the beginnings of blessings in their current situations and remember that blessings come in many unsuspecting ways.

This post was created as part of a Blog Blesstival created by Sophia’s Children.  I would like to thank Jamie for opening up the windows for these blessings to be brought forth.


The Robin That Just Had to Ask

There was a young robin that returned to his place of birth in the spring like his brothers and like his many ancestors before him.  This home was a magnificent place to set down roots and find another robin to build a nest with and have babies of his own.  There also were a few very unique things about this place.  To the southwest there was a break in the surrounding walls to allow a breeze to flow through, and to the east there was a great wall that from the ground seemed to block the sky, and when one got close to this great wall one could hear things and see shadows moving about within the wall itself.  The young robin liked to get close to this great wall because this is where the choicest worms and grubs could be found.  It was such a strange sight for the robin, though, to see these large beings move around inside the wall.

One day the young robin asked his parents, who too returned too like they had done for many years, “What is this great wall?”  His parents responded by telling him, “That wall is of no concern to you and you must stay far away from it or you will certainly see your death.  The young robin could not understand this explanation, “How could this wall be so dangerous?”

One day the robin saw a large being come into their magnificent home.  It ran around making loud noises and sniffing about the ground.  The robin slowly hopped across the ground and tried to get closer to the being.  He was curious and wanted to know what the animal was doing, plus he had seen this animal among the other shadow beings inside the great wall.  The young robin thought if he approached the large being he could find out more about the great wall.

The being was very scary to approach and once the robin got very close his mother swooped down and made the young robin fly off.  “You mustn’t approach that animal,” his mother scolded, “If you do you will certainly see your death.”  The young robin did not respond to his mother and sadly returned to his spot in their magnificent home as close to the great wall as permitted by his parents.  From this place, the young robin could watch the great wall curiously imagining what the shadow beings were doing.

Finally, one day the family was traveling off to an area where there would be ripe berries for picking and the young robin feigned a sore wing to stay behind.  The large being was coming into their magnificent home on a regular basis and the young robin knew he could get close today.

So, the family left and the young robin was left to himself.  It was not long and the large being came into their home as usual running around and loudly talking to the squirrels that lived in the big oak tree.  The young robin seen this as an opportunity to get as close as possible while the animal was occupied with the squirrels.  “Ahem,” the robin tried to get the beings attention; “Sir, do you have a moment to speak with me?” the robin asked with great uncertainty.  The young robin was very nervous and scared.  He did not know what to expect, but he certainly knew that he could not take his parents explanation for not speaking to the animal.  He just had to know.

“What?”  the being spun around and looked at the robin.  The young robin wanted to fly away, but knew that he may never again get this chance, he stood his ground.

“Did you speak to me bird?” asked the large being.

“Yes, yes sir I did,” replied the robin in a stutter.

“Why, I don’t think I have ever spoken to a bird before,” said the being who was surprised, “why have you spoken to me?”

The robin feeling a bit more calm now after the beings reply said, “Well, I have spoken to you, because I just had to know some things and I went against what my mother has said to speak to you now.”

“So, your mother has told you not to speak with me?” questioned the curious being.

“Yes, and I am uncertain why this is so, but she said I would certainly see my death if I spoke to you,” replied the robin a bit hesitant.

“Ha-ha,” the being chuckled, “you shall not see your death today for I do not like to eat birds and would not kill you for any reason at all.”

The young robin was very relieved to hear this and relaxed some more then asked “So, why would my parents say such things?”

“Well, my only guess is that there are some like me who do eat those like you, but certainly not all of us are like this, but you would never know these things unless you ask or try to ask anyways,” answered the being.

“So, my parents and many others like them must have taken just one incident and based everything against that,” posited the young robin.

“It seems that way, but you must remember they are most likely only doing it out of safety,” replied the being.

“Yeah, but what is safety if you are not allowed to realize and experience more in life?” questioned the robin.

“Well, young bird, take it from a dog who does not put safety first; there are those who exist and those who live and if you are continually afraid then you only exist and you don’t get to live,” ascertained the being.

“I am glad that I spoke to you today, and didn’t just accept the fear my parents express otherwise I would not have experienced your company today,” said the robin and then he went on to ask, “so what exists within the great wall to the east?”

The dog chuckled a bit, “That is my greatest friend’s home, he is a human and he rescued me and feeds me and allows me to live with him in return for my love and companionship.”

“Well, that is really nice, he does all that just for being his friend?” questioned the robin.

The dog replied, “so far that has been the arrangement, but you must remember, just as all of those like me are not nice to those like you;  all humans are not the same either for I have met them.  One must always keep in mind that there will be those who want to harm, but that of course is no reason to live in fear.”

“I understand, it certainly has been worth questioning the ideals of my family and maybe I can convince them otherwise.  Is there any way that you could introduce me to your human friend?”

“Certainly, I don’t see why there would be a problem, hop on my back and I will take you to him.”

So the robin did just that and the two trounced through the yard up to the gate and the dog gave one large bark to alarm his human friend of his need to come back inside their home.  Once the human came outside and to the gate he was amazed to see a robin perched atop his dog and ran back inside to retrieve his camera.  He had not seen such a sight and wanted to document this, because no one would believe him otherwise.  Upon his return he opened the gate and his dog walked through with the robin still grasping his fur.  The dog began to speak to the human about his new found friend, but the human was only concerned about documenting such an occasion to show to his friends that he did not hear the dog.  The robin too tried to speak to the human, but there was no response, the human just continued to speak to himself and to the device he was holding to his ear.  Suddenly the human returned back inside his home leaving the dog and bird outside.

The dog and bird both unanimously decided that the human must have greater concerns and there was no need to try and bother him again.  They continued their friendship in the backyard through many summers even though the bird was shunned by his family for thinking he could speak to the large being and be friends.  The robin was still able to meet another bird who too became friends with the dog as well as passing his questioning nature onto his many children.


This here is a fictitious story, but if you follow the link below you can find a plethora of true life friendships on youtube that tell similar stories.  Maybe we all can learn a thing or two from these animals or at least enjoy the little things in life more.