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Keshe Gives 10-DAY Notice to ALL Nations of Earth (Oct. 26) –

I haven’t looked much into this guy and what he is about, one thing I quickly found out was that no one is talking about it in the mainstream. All I had to do was Google his name and plasma energy and look in news. No news site whatsoever has written about this. Complete silence. Even weirdos and quacks get filler stories written about them. Quacks make for good entertainment, they can be amusing, but not even a crazy quack story. Again…

Complete Silence.

Maybe, just maybe, this guy is for real and the  alternative media community needs to start blasting the airwaves with this information.


Juice Fasting and Concentrating Nutrition

A few days ago we replaced our coffee pot with a Juicer.

A Juicer has replaced my coffee pot…I already miss the coffee pot.

We were given the juicer for Christmas from my mother-in-law with the explicit directions to watch “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” a documentary about a man that went on a juice fast and actually cured himself of an auto-immune disorder.  Since I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder last year, my mother-in-law helps with research to find anything that may be a ray of hope in reversing or healing this crap.   I put the movie on my to-watch list and in the back of my mind.  Then my sister, who is not a “health nut” by any definition of the word, told me to watch the same documentary, her excited about juicing?

Two people within a few weeks of each other tell me to watch the same movie that’s a sync to me, so I paid attention and watched it.  I was amazed at the health changes of not only the guy making the movie, but also a few other people.  There was some quite disturbing information that has opened my mind further about my perspective of food.  All of our perspectives about anything, especially food, have been formed because of the way that society as a whole views that thing.

So we began with absolutely no research going into this other than what we gleaned from the movie.  I have only been living gluten free for a few weeks now and am still doing my research on that subject.  My husband and I both  usually leap headfirst into things and picked a day and began.

We are generally pretty food conscious in my household when it comes to taking in over-processed foods, synthesized chemicals, food dyes, and inhumane treatment of animals, but we really haven’t hit on veggies and fruits being our main sustenance with grains and meat shoved to the side.  We are Southern at heart and like our fats and oils mixed with all that bread and meat, so we knew this was probably going to get difficult.

I went to the store and made myself spend some serious time in the produce section.  I found this quite difficult, even though fruit is a considerable part of our diet, veggies are not.  I had to overcome my uncertainty about what I should get and how much I should get, along with having to pick the individual things out and bag them myself.  I think the making more decisions in the produce, plus having to pick out items from the rest of the store made the task even more daunting.  I had to stop myself from getting some of our not-so-good staples.”

I made-up some recipes and wrote them down as I went along:

3 leaves of Romaine

1 cucumber

5 carrots

8 strawberries

3 baby portabella mushrooms

and a handful of sunflower seeds to wash it all down

I picked these to go with some re-juicing of Kale and Spinach Pulp

I re-juiced the pulp from the morning, because there is a lot of pulp left over from this juicing process, and I have found that re-juicing cuts down on the waste or by-product (compost). ..yes I have begun a compost, cause all these vegetables cost money and we are going to grow as much as we can.

This is the amount of juice and pulp I had from my lunch juice after repulping what was added to the spinch and kale.

I found a few recipes to make some other foods using the pulp left over and tried pulp muffins and pulp crackers.

These are the pulp muffins before baking.

This is the pulp cracker before baking.

The kids hated the pulp muffins, even though I added chocolate chips to entice them.  My middle son demanded to know why they were green.  I don’t think well on my feet and mistakenly said they were green because the Easter Bunny eats them.  (We tell my son that various super heroes eat his staple foods to get him to eat more to stay super strong.)   The Easter Bunny apparently is not on his super list and he told me that he wasn’t a bunny.

My husband and I made it two days on the juice fast.  We were starving by the end of the second day.  I added a few chips with some hummus along with my drink . (I also added nuts and seeds for extra calories) My husband had left over pulp muffins, or tried to anyway but couldn’t choke down more than 1 and a half.  (He hated to waste the pulp)

We ended up having salmon and lentil soup for dinner.

We have decided to maintain juicing eating more fruits and veggies.  Even though it was only 1 1/2 days of fasting and maintaining eating MORE fresh fruits and vegetables a day than meat or bread (no bread for me) for next 3 days along with extra vitamins we are feeling good!

There was another documentary called “Food Matters” that really should be watched before “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”  It helps to put things into perspective before leaping.

After the fact we did learn that we should just sip our juice drinks and not gulp them…

The coffee pot returns to its rightful location.