Egyptian Winged Disk Represents the Pituitary Gland

I have been revisiting the human anatomy as of late and I was pretty astounded by a correlation with the sphenoid bone and pituitary gland of the human body with the Egyptian winged disk.  There is an uncanny resemblance.  I was quickly reminded of the eye of Horus and the pineal gland.

Here is a picture of the Eye of Horus to refresh your memory or show you for the first time.


I really like this correlation and all the things it makes my mind think about.

Here is what I believe I have found.  First the solar winged disk.


Here is the sphenoid bone. The pituitary gland hangs just behind the Dorsum sellae in the sella turcica.  I think the likeness is uncanny.

sphenoid bone pituitary gland

 Retrieved from Wikipedia

Here is a picture from the side of the pituitary gland sitting in the Sella Turica and you can see it in relation to the pineal gland.  If the Egyptians were messing with one part of the brain they could have been snooping around in others.


I’m not sure where this idea can go, but there is certainly so much that can be ascertained.  We do know the Egyptians were all about cutting up the human body and that other ancient peoples have even performed brain surgery.

Were the Egyptians’ stories about the gods trying to assimilate a physical body with a spiritual mind?  How do we teach and pass on inner strength and morality?  If these things come from within us, where does within ever end?  Could it be considering a whole realm of reality that is within our own human minds?

I have always like to view the stories of the gods and goddesses as a way to formulate how humans and society work.  First you have higher thinking and authority, then you have so many different attributes of human behavior from anger to beauty and the arts to war.  Among the myths there is room for every human emotion along with an embodiment of values and ideals.  We as humans like to anthropomorphize everything.

Just think about the recent film Inside Out.  Each emotion was given specific character traits and bodies to match.  Hundreds of years in the future these characters may be seen as mythological gods.

While trying to find other correlations of the sphenoid bone and the winged sun disk, I found the following bit of information.  It brings in another feature called the optic chiasm which is the area where the optic nerves cross.  Now sight is being added to the equation.

Teaching about the sella turcica

I’m not sure what to think about it, but it is interesting how this little area is living on in teachings these days.  How come it lost the correlation with the winged disk?

I will leave you with this picture of where the optic chiasm is in relation to the pituitary gland.  Maybe someone out there will do a better job of bringing all this information together.




A Wandering Soul

A Wandering Soul…

I love to wander.

I love to wander through thoughts which ponder
of experience and understanding
of the many possibilities.

Wander through things that are imaginable
because I have had the ability and seen
and had the ability and did

and wander through things that are unimaginable
that only peek through bits and pieces
small gestures and fragments minutely perceivable

I love to imagine all the multitude of possibilities
and then to know that I still cannot fathom it all…

This understanding pushes me to wandering more
wander through the thoughts of others
not just in present day

but to travel into the past
to experience the lives
to imagine the exasperation
to feel the emotions of times before
yet ever so present

I love wandering through my gratuitous thoughts
things that come freely with experience
many memories of that which I have lived

My thankfulness of the language that humans have created
My gratefulness for the humans whom created the tools which recorded it
…and for the many hours spent and lifetimes used to document and record
so that I may wander this vast universe of possibilities

Thanks be to so many humans
throughout so many ages
influenced by so many cultures and ways of lifetimes
…for the thoughts of which I love to wander.

Disguised Blessings – #Blesstival 2016


By Jef Poskanzer – originally posted to Flickr as Glass Beach / wave, CC BY 2.0,

Blessings come in many ways in our lives and sometimes those blessing are in disguise.

It is easy to look back on our experience and see where something or someone was a blessing, but it is very difficult to see those blessing that are currently unfolding in the present, especially if they come with difficult change.

This of course does not mean that we are not blessed in the current moment; we just need to understand that blessings can come as hardships. We have all heard before when a tragedy strikes that maybe positive change will come of it.

I am reminded of the phrase “diamond in the rough.” If it were not for the hardships that cause one to get thrown about in the waves of experience, then one may never reach that level of refined beauty that so many seek.

I was asked recently by a friend, “How did you end up with a good man after being with an abusive one?” This was asked honestly with the underlying notion that those who get involved in abusive relationships tend to repeat those relationship choices.

I had never thought about my current relationship from this perspective….

How did I end up making a positive change in my life?

I am glad my friend had the courage to speak up and ask me. This was a blessing in its own right. The subject came up because of a blog post that I reluctantly made about my past abuse. I did not know at the time just how much healing that one blog post could bring me and again I was blessed.

My current relationship is thankfully not an abusive one. There are hard times and there are really tough decisions that need to be made, but I am now in a secure place in my experience that allows for greater spiritual growth. I am changing and growing and I am blessed to be in such a responsive relationship. I have been contemplating for weeks about my current relationship and questioning its blessings in preparation for this post. I only now see this relationship as such a blessing in progress because of this post.

When we honestly question our current experience for deeper meaning we are allowing the All That Is to move about freely in our lives to help us do some polishing up. This is also when synchronicity becomes visible. This has definitely been happening in my life, and I am happy to invite the change in perspective.

My previous post was about past blessings and where they have brought me. Those blessing in my life were much easier to view in hindsight. I could see the good that came about from those situations and I could say with confidence that I was blessed.

This current post is not as definitive as my last. I am being blessed yet I am among the chaos that comes with the shedding of old ways. Many of these current blessings are still being expressed and brought forth. They are not finished with me and I have not felt their true worth.

One of those blessings is my husband. It is his birthday today and I want to honor his presence in my life by expressing the blessings I have received from our relationship.

It has been difficult to truly see my blessings. I know that I have benefited greatly from our relationship and I know that I am happy with where our decisions have brought us thus far, but after 10 years we are still a work in progress.

If there is one great lesson that I have learned from this man, it is to seek greatness in all that I do and the blessings will abound.

I am still at a loss for words to describe the blessings in our relationship, but I do know that love is the best sandpaper there is when is comes to smoothing out our spiritual selves. My husband and I can only truly know our worth to one another and others can only know the reflections that our relationship makes upon this world.

My hope is that we help create positive change to those around us.

Change is always happening and we get to chose how we perceive it, just as you get to perceive my intentions for this post.

I want others to seek to see the beginnings of blessings in their current situations and remember that blessings come in many unsuspecting ways.

This post was created as part of a Blog Blesstival created by Sophia’s Children.  I would like to thank Jamie for opening up the windows for these blessings to be brought forth.

Awe Inspiring Artwork is What I Do…

20150504_155926-1-1-1[1]The above is a painting I finally finished. (After showing up for myself) I have been working on it for about 2 years now. This particular piece was my exploration on compromise in relationships.

The idea behind it began with a video I watched of Jennifer Aniston interviewing Portia and Ellen on the Ellen Show.

You will have to watch the clip to get a greater understanding. I love for my outside world to help me question my inner world, and this is one reason I create. I create to explore myself and I have been having an existential crisis in my life for at least the last four years. It has definitely been my dark night of the soul, my journey into the valley of the shadow of death, and my all out saving grace wrapped into one. I am forever grateful for this journey within.
After watching this snippet of the show on the YouTube, I quickly jotted down the premise for the piece of work. I was fascinated by the relationship of these to women and their journey together. I wanted to show how this journey could be used to reflect how we as humans compromise in our lives to bring about acceptance and happiness in our lives.

In the painting I depicted a dilapidated house in the background that is ready to be transmuted into something greater.




                                                                 House Again

According to the video this is what Ellen likes to do. She likes to explore the beauty of a home and create something greater in the process. Many of us do this in our everyday lives be it working for a corporation or a small mom and pop business. We want to create something greater in our world.

I then placed Ellen and Portia on a path in the woods.

Ellen and Porta path

                                                           Ellen and Portia on the Path

6 Ellen and Portia Path

                                           Ellen and Portia in Shadow on the Path

Path and Ellen2 This represents their journey together and the journey of all humans in existence. One can see within the painting that the light from outside of the woods has lighted the path and helps to define the features within the darkness of the woods. We cannot see this inner world unless we shine some sort of light on it. These two women are experiencing their journeys, albeit differently, together. Ellen is pulling Portia in a wagon. Ellen may be moving from one creative project to another creative project, but she is compromising with Portia by pulling her weight along instead of making her walk beside her. This is a compromise being made to have the fulfillment of a relationship. As long as the weight is not a negative aspect of the relationship, then there should be no reason why this particular choice of compromise should be detrimental to the lives of those involved. I see this as a greater truth that can be seen and accepted by others as well with these two woman as a great example.

Within my exploration of this concept I have added to this picture. When I add things I do so because I feel they are needed. It is not until afterward that I begin to explore their meaning. For instance. I added a small herd of deer. 4 to be exact and all does. I then find our that deer can represent grace, love, generosity, and abundance. I also found that deer symbolizes an inner journey, specifically female deer.



Then the number four has very specific meaning.

I have also added
ivy, bluebells, red japanese maple tree, white blooming cherry tree, bridge, stream.

There is probably many more symbols, but you can see how they begin to paint their very own picture within the artwork.

The symbolism seems to just grow from the creative process. These things are never consciously chosen because of what they represent. It is as if the symbols manifest themselves to help me to understand what I am working through as an artist and human. To me is is a connection to the spiritual aspects of my journey, and I love exploring this part after the completion of a piece of work.

The best and worst thing about symbolism is that it can be interpreted however one would like.

I for so long have had an inner world of chaotic stories filled with negative reactions and intense emotions. I have told myself these stories with a chaotic dialogue. Talking about what I felt was going on in just about every situation I had been in. When I entered into a place, I immediately took the seat of inner reflection. Constantly judging my every action, every thought, every emotion, every word spoken aloud. I judged it against my background of perspective that I had of the world around me. I chose how I would interpret my world.

I am coming to the conclusion of my delusion.

I synchronistically was given clarity this morning from this piece of Sufi Rumi wisdom:

Although an imaginary image in this reality does not exist,
see how the world turns by a fantasy that still does persist.
Mankind’s peace and war because of a fantasy are turning…
Mankind’s pride and shame from a fantasy are springing…(Original Link)

I have been battling my internal dilemma, my imaginary image of the world around me. Why do I create something to battle? Why do I create turmoil? I know I create the perspective that I choose to see in the world around me. So why am I creating such a daunting reality?

Why, because I have lived the story that I was told. I have lived with a reality inside my mind that is a reflection of someone’s mind or image of the world.

I recently watched two similar documentaries that were completely different, and it really helped me to perceive this little bit of truth. These were not intentionally watched to seek very different perspectives, we just watched them very close together because the environment and innovation have been on our minds. I was given a good dichotomy that was going to ring true just a few days later, and this is why I was led by the universe to watch them.

For this little piece of Rumi wisdom to be understood the full content of the documentaries does not need to be known.

The first documentary was the Atomic States of America.

The primary objective of the movie was against nuclear power. I can tell you that the story plot heightened and culminated in me feeling horrible about human innovation and that society should be wiped off of the precious mother earth so that she can heal. Of course this is the primary purpose of the movie. It is meant to show the bad, dark, negative side of the atomic age and nuclear power as a whole. I would not be surprised if it was created with funding from the coal industry.
The second documentary Pandora’s Promise.
was also about nuclear power completely but from the opposite viewpoint. It was pro-nuclear power. This documentary heightened and culminated in me feeling overjoyed and excited about human innovation and advancement as a society. I was filled with musings and creativity after watching this movie. I felt positive and wanted to get to work on creating something great!

I definitely wanted to explore more after the second documentary. I do not want to debate morals and who is on the right side of the fence. I do not want to figure out which way is the right way. I only want to think about and explore the side the makes me as a human feel fulfilled and alive.

After watching Atomic States of America my husband and I were brought into for two days an existential crisis. We were ruminating about the tragedy of our lives and the lives of all of mankind. We were trying to figure out what we could do to help reverse the horrible bad things that we as humans have wrought on this earth. This is not a very happy place to be. We want to exist and be happy. We want to love our fellow man and celebrate in his victories. We do not want to exist to tear down and destroy society. Yet we allowed negative thoughts into our inner realities. These thoughts brought about more negative thoughts and more ruminating about sadness and wrong.

I do not want to live like this and neither does my husband. I definitely do not want to raise a family in this hole of a reality. Like we have dug ourselves down into the pits of hell and now we must exist amongst the monsters and death that we have uncovered.

Certainly I get to choose which reality that I want to exist in. I get to pick the side that I want to be on. I see this now. It has been here all along and I just choose not to see it. I get to live in my chosen reality. This is the only reality that I get to experience. Why would I not choose to experience the good positive feelings instead of the negative.

I am reminded of a saying, and I am not sure who said this, but it sits well with this lesson of mine.

“It doesn’t really matter what path one follows. What matters is the way that they follow the path.”

Are you allowing negative thoughts to cloud and darken your reality?

I am brought to the visualization of how the darkness and shadow help to define the light. We cannot have positive with the negative, but we definitely do not have to only live out the negative aspects.

I am reminded of another Rumi insight:

“Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows.”

I am beginning a new series of portraits today. This series I believe has been implanted into me as a tiny little seed that is going to grow into something that will help others to perceive this wisdom. I will be exploring the ideas of shadow and light and how they interact with one another to help us perceive our reality.

In the mean time, what did you get out of this?

I will be exploring this subject a bit more as I work on this project and hopefully you can help me to explore more deeply.

Earth is Still a Magical Place

Fishing Day Acrylic on Wood

                                                                          Fishing Day
                                                                       Acrylic on Wood

You can’t really know what life may bring you, so you may as well live each moment as it comes.

I had the pleasure this last weekend of exhibiting some of my artwork at the local County’s Earth Day Festival. The festival’s main purpose is to highlight Eco-accountibility, sustainability, and the benefits of supporting local business. It was a bit last minute, but I have so many recycled wood paintings I that I wanted to show off I put in the effort to make it. Making it to the festival wasn’t an easy task either.

Just 2 days prior I spent the evening in the ER at LeBonheur with one of my sons. He had been drawing with a pencil and somehow managed to poke his eye so severely we had to return daily for check-ups on the healing progress. (His 2nd corneal abrasion in less than 6 months)

The first day check-up made me question adding the extra stress of actually preparing and setting up a booth at the festival. I told them I would be there, but dammit I had a good excuse for canceling last minute.

I decided canceling would not be showing up for myself, so I hung in there.

My booth set-up inviting people to examine and explore my process.

             My booth set-up inviting people to examine and explore my process.

It was great fun too and so worth the extra effort. I ran into many different people and got to talk art all day. Not just any art either, my art. I am trying to talk more about the feeling I have when I create and expressing why I create. I never realized that I was telling myself for so long that I was unworthy believe the story that people didn’t want to hear about why I created art. I no longer hold that belief.

I make great art and I have so many reasons why I create the things I do, and if I can make positive change in a persons life because of those reasons, then I am going to share them.

The highlight of my day came while on the way home. I spotted a large piece of pink tin (or maybe aluminum) on the side of the road. Finding cool stuff to make Awe inspiring art out of is just awe inspiring to me, but this particular time was a synchronistic moment.

During the day I spoke with two beautiful elderly souls who had a fun time in the booth chatting and exchanging ideas. One of the women was reminded of a friend that creates flower art for her garden out of tin. The woman asked me if I ever made anything of the sorts. My response was that I hadn’t really ever found any tin on the side of the road to make anything out of, and I supposed that most metals in good quantity would more than likely go to the scrapyard. I promised her though that if I found some, I certainly would try and find something to do with it.

You should have seen the smile across my face when I came across some bright pink tin perfect for making some flowers. (I have been on an echinacea purpurea trip lately.)

After loading up my booth with some help from the ROTC fellows, I made my way to the house having to stop for fuel along the way. I didn’t noticed on the way to the festival that I needed gas for the van, so on the way home I decided to forgo the interstate and take the two-lane highway home. This way I was able to stop for fuel. After fueling up and making my way North to the house, I decided at a 4-way stop to take a left and meander the back-way home. I love taking the back roads filled with meadows, small farms, horses, and loads of trees. It soothes the soul. Especially after a long day filled with so many people.

It was down this road that I spotted the tin.

I immediately looked for some spot to turn around, pulled into a driveway, and then was struck with this site:

Beautiful pasture with train tracks in the rear

                                         Beautiful pasture with train tracks in the rear

I parked to get out and snap a few pictures along with a video. Again stopping to allow myself to be inspired by my surroundings.


PastureI then returned to my van, went back up the road, and picked up the tin.

I can’t help but to think of not only all the things that added up to me finding that pink tin, like needing gas, choosing to turn, but also the fact that I had had an earlier conversation about tin and making flowers. It was not just tin, but pink tin. These are some of the moments that I cherish as magical in life.

It may not mean much to anyone else, but it definitely make my reality a bit more special, magical, and so awe inspiring.  Stay posted for my pink tin sculpture.

my pink tin

                                                                          my pink tin

Do you have a great synchronistic story to tell? Please share the story or a link. I would love to read it.

Are we actually experiencing a collective nightmare?


I just wanted to share this article.  It reminds me of the thought that our ego is really the free-will we were given and is what causes us as humans so much turmoil and pain.  We are all diamonds in the rough.


Star Spangled Wine Tasting

So, I keep trying to add this post and it will not update…I posted this at the beginning of the year on Blogger before I moved to WordPress and never felt compelled to post until today when I read an article in Smithsonian Magazine that reminded me of it.  It is a bit long winded and I ramble much, but interesting none the least.

Today I was reminded of an incident that happened while at a friend’s home while we were playing a board game and I was summoned by the game to sing “The Star Spangled Banner.” (it was an incident to my memory, but maybe not to the others)

…I failed miserably; my recall memory is quite atrocious to begin with and then to have everyone stare at me while trying to sing of all things, made every word that much more difficult to recall.  I couldn’t make it past the first two lines.

Now, I don’t consider the fact that I couldn’t recall the song on fly an “incident”, but the way that everyone looked at me while it happened, definitely matched my definition of incident.  They all looked at me like I was some communist traitor.  The whole ambiance of the room changed.  I felt this sickening pull of emotions from everyone.  Just because I didn’t know the words to our country’s national anthem in no way predicates that I have any malevolent feelings toward our country.  I may not totally agree with what’s going on and do not participate in all aspects of government, but I’m not a traitor.

Anyways, back to what I was writing about…

This song popped into my head after my shower and I can’t stop singing it…well more like humming it, because I still don’t know all of the words, but I was going to write today about how I like to follow paths that show themselves to me.  For as long as I can remember I have done this, but never really verbalized the action to anyone in fear of coming across loony, although, I may come across as loony without adding this crazy tidbit to the mix.

By path I am talking about if I was looking at an article on the internet and some word or phrase sort of jumped out at me and caught my attention, I would follow it, be it a link, or looking up the word or phrase on google.  This action then may lead to another interesting subject that I look into, so before long I have gained insight into seemingly disconnected subjects which have now been strung together by my perception and have been given significant meaning.

This doesn’t sound so crazy, that is until I go to pick up something from the grocery store and see one of the subjects from my path printed in a magazine displayed at the checkout, or the person standing in from of me talks to the cashier about the subject of my interest.  This path thing really starts to tingle my senses when on my return home the radio host also speaks about what I have just learned, and then when I go and pick up the book on my nightstand the very next chapter reads like it knew what I was going to find out about today on the internet.

There is no way that coincidence can be the explanation.  (In my mind anyways) and recently I have found out that I am not the only one that lives this way.  This life of following the subtle nuances of experience and letting the universe guide them…nope I am not crazy in the sense that only I see this matrix.  Others see it too and some call it synchronicity, which reminds me of serendipity; the finding of things while not looking for them.

So, this song is stuck in my head while I read one of my new favorite blogs The Sync Whole.  I get this notion about finding other anagrams for horse other than shore which was being used on this particular post. And I go to and put in horse.

I write down the words Shore = Horse = Heroes  on my note pad and then notice on the right hand side of the screen there is a Thought of the Moment.  (Never notice that little gem before on this site) it read:

Thought of the Moment

Pleasure is very seldom found where it is sought; our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks. -Samuel Johnson, lexicographer (1709-1784)

A bit serendipitous I would say…which puts me here; because I had the spark of reflection that I needed to just write about that tune stuck in my head instead of looking for some other significant reason to post.

So let me give this syncing a go.

The Star Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key and my thought of the moment was by Samuel Johnson…look at this journal entry I found from a quick search on google.  The year is 1904 and it appears on page 27.

(picture will not load please view

And this issue (64) of American Printer and Lithographer from January 5, 1917 where is mentions Samuel Johnson while speaking about Francis Scott Key.  The bit begins on page 17 and the two names are mentioned at the bottom of page 18 where you can see the 19th page number.  I somehow feel as though 9 and 7 may be significant.  The numbers 1, 2 and 4 resonate here also, but not at prominent.

(picture will not load)

John Stafford Smith is mentioned as the writer of the music used for the Star Spangled Banner.  The music was originally for the song “To Anacreon in Heaven,” the Anacreontic Society’s constitutional song of which Samuel Johnson(not the same one) was a member.  The society was named after the Greek court poet Anacreon.  In the song the phrase “The Myrtle of VENUS with BACCHUS’S Vine” is repeated in each verse.

The following is what I found on the Myrtle of Venus from Wikipedia

Vinalia urbana (April 23), a wine festival shared by Venus, in her capacity as patron of “profane” wine, for everyday human use; and Jupiter, king of the gods, patron of the strongest, purest, sacrificial grade wine, and god of the weather on which the autumn grape-harvest would depend. Men and women alike drank the new vintage of ordinary, non-sacral wine in honour of Venus, whose powers had provided humankind with this gift. Upper-class women gathered at Venus’s Capitoline temple; a libation of the previous year’s vintage, sacred to Jupiter, was poured into a nearby ditch.[13] Common girls (vulgares puellae) and prostitutes gathered at Venus’ temple just outside the Colline gate, where they offered her myrtle, mint, and rushes concealed in rose-bunches and asked her for “beauty and popular favour”, and to be made “charming and witty”.[14]

And Bacchus actually speaks of Dionysus the Greek god of the grape harvest.  Here is what I found on him from Wikipedia

[Dionysus] was also known as Bacchus/ˈbækəs/ or /ˈbɑːkəs/; Greek: Βάκχος, Bakkhos), the name adopted by the Romans[10] and the frenzy he induces, bakkheia. His thyrsus is sometimes wound with ivy and dripping with honey. It is a beneficent wand but also a weapon, and can be used to destroy those who oppose his cult and the freedoms he represents. He is also the Liberator (Eleutherios), whose wine, music and ecstatic dance frees his followers from self-conscious fear and care, and subverts the oppressive restraints of the powerful. Those who partake in his mysteries are possessed and empowered by the god himself.[11] His cult is also a “cult of the souls”; his maenads feed the dead through blood-offerings, and he acts as a divine communicant between the living and the dead.[12]

The last line of the verses that reads beginning “the myrtle” is replaced in the Star Spangled Banner with “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

That is just funny to me, also something that rings is the fact that Bacchus resonates with the home of the brave with Bacchus having a weapon that can be used to destroy those who oppose his freedoms, just as Americans use war to destroy anyone who they believe opposes their democracy.  Just like America is the only country to actually utilize the H-bomb on another country, yet we are the ones who try to regulate everyone else’s nuclear caches.

I must go for the day, but I will return as sync come in…

So I went to dinner at my mother in-law’s and the conversation turned to the Mayan calendar and Quetzalcoatl returning in 2012.  I thought it resonated with my post because in depictions of Quetzalcoatl he is shown as a feathered serpent and a feathered serpent can be connected with Venus as in the Anacreontic song and the lovely tune that won’t leave my brain…

(yet another picture will not load)

Then after coming home, we watched a few episodes of Raising Hope on Netflix.  We are almost at the end of the first season and the episode that we watched spoke about none other than the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012.

I understand that everyone has been talking about the Mayan calendar and the 2012 prophecy stuff, but for me to begin putting this post together and then the very show I watch, which is from the first season episode 17 and they speak about Mayan prophecy after I just finished discussing about it over dinner, it just resonates with me.  I like when that happens.  It just makes me feel as though I am in the right place at the right time, doing the things I need to do.

Juice Fasting and Concentrating Nutrition

A few days ago we replaced our coffee pot with a Juicer.

A Juicer has replaced my coffee pot…I already miss the coffee pot.

We were given the juicer for Christmas from my mother-in-law with the explicit directions to watch “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” a documentary about a man that went on a juice fast and actually cured himself of an auto-immune disorder.  Since I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder last year, my mother-in-law helps with research to find anything that may be a ray of hope in reversing or healing this crap.   I put the movie on my to-watch list and in the back of my mind.  Then my sister, who is not a “health nut” by any definition of the word, told me to watch the same documentary, her excited about juicing?

Two people within a few weeks of each other tell me to watch the same movie that’s a sync to me, so I paid attention and watched it.  I was amazed at the health changes of not only the guy making the movie, but also a few other people.  There was some quite disturbing information that has opened my mind further about my perspective of food.  All of our perspectives about anything, especially food, have been formed because of the way that society as a whole views that thing.

So we began with absolutely no research going into this other than what we gleaned from the movie.  I have only been living gluten free for a few weeks now and am still doing my research on that subject.  My husband and I both  usually leap headfirst into things and picked a day and began.

We are generally pretty food conscious in my household when it comes to taking in over-processed foods, synthesized chemicals, food dyes, and inhumane treatment of animals, but we really haven’t hit on veggies and fruits being our main sustenance with grains and meat shoved to the side.  We are Southern at heart and like our fats and oils mixed with all that bread and meat, so we knew this was probably going to get difficult.

I went to the store and made myself spend some serious time in the produce section.  I found this quite difficult, even though fruit is a considerable part of our diet, veggies are not.  I had to overcome my uncertainty about what I should get and how much I should get, along with having to pick the individual things out and bag them myself.  I think the making more decisions in the produce, plus having to pick out items from the rest of the store made the task even more daunting.  I had to stop myself from getting some of our not-so-good staples.”

I made-up some recipes and wrote them down as I went along:

3 leaves of Romaine

1 cucumber

5 carrots

8 strawberries

3 baby portabella mushrooms

and a handful of sunflower seeds to wash it all down

I picked these to go with some re-juicing of Kale and Spinach Pulp

I re-juiced the pulp from the morning, because there is a lot of pulp left over from this juicing process, and I have found that re-juicing cuts down on the waste or by-product (compost). ..yes I have begun a compost, cause all these vegetables cost money and we are going to grow as much as we can.

This is the amount of juice and pulp I had from my lunch juice after repulping what was added to the spinch and kale.

I found a few recipes to make some other foods using the pulp left over and tried pulp muffins and pulp crackers.

These are the pulp muffins before baking.

This is the pulp cracker before baking.

The kids hated the pulp muffins, even though I added chocolate chips to entice them.  My middle son demanded to know why they were green.  I don’t think well on my feet and mistakenly said they were green because the Easter Bunny eats them.  (We tell my son that various super heroes eat his staple foods to get him to eat more to stay super strong.)   The Easter Bunny apparently is not on his super list and he told me that he wasn’t a bunny.

My husband and I made it two days on the juice fast.  We were starving by the end of the second day.  I added a few chips with some hummus along with my drink . (I also added nuts and seeds for extra calories) My husband had left over pulp muffins, or tried to anyway but couldn’t choke down more than 1 and a half.  (He hated to waste the pulp)

We ended up having salmon and lentil soup for dinner.

We have decided to maintain juicing eating more fruits and veggies.  Even though it was only 1 1/2 days of fasting and maintaining eating MORE fresh fruits and vegetables a day than meat or bread (no bread for me) for next 3 days along with extra vitamins we are feeling good!

There was another documentary called “Food Matters” that really should be watched before “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”  It helps to put things into perspective before leaping.

After the fact we did learn that we should just sip our juice drinks and not gulp them…

The coffee pot returns to its rightful location.

Gluten Free is so hard!

Where will your resolution take you?

Everyone makes a new year’s resolution, hopefully anyways.  I would like to think that everyone makes some sort of promise at the beginning of the year and keeps it.  I was way too sick New Year 2011 to even think about making a statement of a resolution.  The year before that in 2010 I chose to quit smoking cigarettes which I have now been nicotine free for 2 years.

I chose this year to be gluten free and I am still struggling but have been at the least I would say successful.  See, I am a southern gal and have grown up around some of the best Barbeque in the world.

Good ole’ southern cooking is kind of hard to do without wheat, but when the universe begins to sync with my decision to get my body on the road to healthy I get that tingly excitement that comes with knowing I am connected to all and on the right path.

I do not have health insurance, so I really don’t know if I am actually gluten intolerant, but I have many symptoms of intolerance.  For one my body has begun to battle against me and I was diagnosed last year with Lupus.  Lupus is an auto-immune disease where the body’s immune system begins to fight normal tissue.  There is much debate on what causes auto-immune disorders and there are many disorders similar to Lupus that people are battling.

I have lost hair, had crazy rashes, psychotic breaks, never-ending pain and burning sensations all over my body.  All of these things have been going on for the majority of my adult life with no known cause.  For the longest the doctors have given me anti-depressants and told me it was all in my head…

So, on my path to getting healthy I figured that if the medical community didn’t really know what was going on then I would just try to figure things out.  This journey began last year when my body decided to attack my carotid arteries in my neck and I was on the verge of a stroke.  I spent many days lying on my couch waiting for my death to come.

I had to quit my full-time job, but was eventually able to continue with my college classes, which were all on line.  I truly believe that at this time the universe was telling me to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN.  I was definitely walking toward the wrong goal and this was a wakeup call.

After this event my life has definitely changed.  We don’t make as much money as we were, but my family at this time is happier than ever.

So, about the syncing; I decided to go gluten free as a process of elimination toward a healthier body.  I am still having lots of pain and discomfort even though I am taking care of myself on a spiritual level and all the signs point toward gluten intolerance.

After deciding to go gluten free, I have seen gluten free diets being talked about everywhere.  In my weekly emails that I receive from different sources, Good Morning America the other day, right when I turned on the tv was talking about gluten free foods.  Basically everywhere I look there is something about gluten free.  It is the perfect timing of these that gives me a kind of confirmation.

Everyone likes the feeling that they made the right decision, and I certainly have that feeling now about choosing to change my diet to something more in line with nature and not what corporations want me to eat.

Now, I don’t really go too much into specific syncs, because what they are to me, they most likely are not going to be to others.  This is my path and I am not on a link to finding the answers to the universe, I am just here to live a happy life, learn, and help others to learn to live happy.  I just want others to know that syncs can be very subtle and if you begin to get more concerned about the history and knowledge behind the syncs then you may just lose sight of the path you were on.

I am feeling much better now that gluten has been removed from my diet and have seen my confirmation.  I hope that things only get better from here.  Next will be a juicing fast!